Born into a humble family in the town of Nadiad in Gujarat in 1875, Sardar Patel went on to achieve remarkable heights. 

Following in his brother Vitthalbhai's footsteps he qualified as a lawyer and was called to the Bar after three years of studies in England. Upon his return to India, Vallabhbhai became one of the most distinguished legal practitioners in Gujarat. 'A smart young man, dressed in well-cut clothes and a felt hat worn slightly at an angle, stern and reserved..' is how an associate described him. 

Inspired by Gandhi, Patel gave up his thriving practice and dedicated his life to the nation. Involving himself in the peasant struggles of Kheda and Bardoli, he gave up his western dress and lifestyle and became a satyagrahi in the footsteps of the Mahatma.

It was in these peasant movements that Patel's organisational capacity and astute leadership skills came to the fore. To honour his extraordinary leadership the women of Kheda and Bardoli gave him the title of Sardar.

This Exhibition displays his journey from Vallabhbhai to Sardar.