In a democratic set-up we must have freedom of the Press, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of association and all kinds of freedom.

Our freedom has been achieved through the sacrifice of millions of people. It will be a poor return for those sacrifices if we surrender that liberty and submit to the threats of those who work for a foreign organization.

No distinctions of caste and creed should hamper us. All are the sons and daughters of India. We should all love our country and build our destiny on mutual love and help.

It is true that we removed the foreign rule but after removing it we quarrelled and cut the throats of each other. Before the World we have presented a spectacle which is the very antithesis of our culture and diametrically opposed to the teachings of Gandhiji.

Happiness and misery are paper balls. Don't be afraid of death. Join the nationalist forces, be united. Give work to those who are hungry, food to invalids, forget your quarrels.

The negligence of a few could easily send a ship to the bottom, but it required the whole-hearted co-operation of all on board; she could be safely brought to port.

We have to shed mutual bickerings, shed the difference of being high or low and develop the sense of equality and banish untouchability. We have to restore the conditions of Swaraj prevalent prior to British rule. We have to live like the children of the same father.

Today we must remove distinctions of high and low, rich and poor, caste or creed.

Your goodness is impediment in your way, so let your eyes be red with anger, and try to fight the injustice with a firm hand.

In a domestic Government unity and co-operation are essential requisites.

A war based on Satyagraha is always of two kinds. One is the war we wage against injustice, and the other we fight our own weaknesses.

By common endeavor we can raise the country to a new greatness, while a lack of unity will expose us to fresh calamities.